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The Devise Culture Handbook: A sneak peak

It’s not an easy task to understand your clients’ business needs then create something of value for them. And it can be even more difficult to create and maintain a company culture that consistently meets those needs. How do you keep your people motivated? How do you make sure everyone’s on the same proverbial page?

At Devise, we focus on quality over growth- our team is purposefully small so that we can provide personalized service and attention. We found a way to transform our passion into our livelihood, and we’ve discovered the best way to deliver great work is to put our team members first: when they have the freedom to communicate openly and be themselves, great work follows, our clients get excellent service, and everyone’s happy. We wanted our handbook to reflect the core message that people are our top priority.

If you want to attract the best people, you have to make a good impression. Consider your employee handbook (or your “culture book”) as your storefront, not only for your clients, but for your potential team members as well. It should enthuse your reader (no boring, monotonous text!) as well as set some expectations about the kind of work you do.

One of our top goals at Devise is to make everyone feel valued. It’s no secret that job success is highly dependent on motivation. Our employees come to work every day with purpose that goes beyond just earning a paycheck; they’re invested at a personal level, and clients and team members have a fulfilling experience.

What is your company culture? What do your clients and your team members say about you?

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