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This or That series – The value of play as a tool for creativity.

This or That series is a personal passion project of mine. Playing off puns, compound words and combining items. Is it this, or that?

As a creative, I believe personal projects are really important — You’re able to experiment, take risks, fail, and make discoveries. Unlike client work, there are no restrictions, no deadlines. Creativity is something you can’t continually force, so the struggle to always discover new original ideas can be challenging. The lessons I learn within this space of play often feed back into client work. Being yourself and communicating freely, results in the best work.

A major passion of mine is using my skills at design as a technique to elevate my own personal creative growth. If you’re in the creative field, I highly encourage you to have personal projects outside of client work. Heck, even non-creatives should!

Watermelon or Water Melon?

Watermelon or Water Melon? – Refill

Watermelon or Water Melon? – Fish Tank

Watermelon or Water Melon?

This was an idea I had and always wondered if it would work – sandwiching a watermelon rind between glass and filling it up with water. It worked surprisingly well. p.s. no fishies were harmed

This or That series – IG @randylewiscreative

Here are some of my personal favorites from the series. Playing off puns, compound words and combining items. Is it this, or that? (e.g. Hedge or Hedgehog, Toothpaste or Slug, Duct tape or Duck Tape, etc)

 Behind The Scenes – This or That series

A peak inside the series.

This or That clothing

I thought it would be rad to start a clothing line based off the This or That series. It’s just a fun brand where my aim is for people to do a double take.

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